How SEO Can Help Your Business

How SEO Can Help Your Business

So you’ve decided to make SEO your new business mantra. Now what? There are many ways to go about it, but some have been proven to work better than others.

The Importance of Keyword Selection

One way of having your cake and eating it, is to concentrate on only one aspect of search engine optimization, which is keyword selection. You can pretty much write any keyword you like into the SERP if you wish and it will likely get you some traffic.

The reason SEO is important, is because that traffic is then targeted and that is the key to success. Search engines want to be certain about what they see and they hate spam.

You’ve Heard It a Million Times: Content is King

In order to get targeted traffic that has been properly targeted, you have to ensure your site is content rich. That is to say it contains relevant content that a user will find useful.

If the search engine finds the site interesting, they will bring up your site in their results. While it is true that the content is what makes or breaks your site, there is another vital aspect of quality web design.

This is how well-designed the pages are and this is the most important aspect of designing a website for your search engine optimization. Your search engine optimization will depend upon it.

The quality of the design is usually done with two, preferably three designs: copywriting, code and actual layout. You must strive to achieve a good web design for this part of your SEO campaign.

Web design can be done with no knowledge of HTML or PHP. But even the most experienced web designer can sometimes be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of material required to produce a website that performs well on the search engines.

It can be done using programs such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Corel Draw or another such program. Alternatively, the website can be designed using ordinary software such as Microsoft FrontPage or Linux’s X Window System.

However, if your web design is not up to scratch, you could end up with a basic user interface that visitors will quickly abandon. Also, your website will be lacking in functionality and visitors may simply bounce out to their competitor’s site, not because they are looking for a solution to a problem, but because they have had enough of your website and have moved on.

When you are selecting a design for your website, the following qualities should be borne in mind: If the design includes a pop-up menu to enable the user to go to the “home” page of your site, then this is not a good design. People searching for information on your site will come to it first and want to know exactly what they are going to get.

Even if they don’t, they will find the FAQ section of your site which will enable them to get a better idea of the type of website they are about to visit. Therefore, be careful about the design of your website and use it to your advantage, get it right and people will come back for more!