How Backlinks Work to Help SEO

How Backlinks Work to Help SEO

Don’t Overlook Backlinks

Backlinks are often overlooked as one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Although backlinks can indeed make your website more visible to the searchers, they don’t make a dent in the amount of web traffic that you will receive. The fact is that backlinks provide the website owner with a high quality link towards his site, without which he would have to pay for advertising.


Backlinks can be either for better or for worse, there is no fixed rule to determine which will be for your advantage and which will not. So it’s all about your personal choice of backlinks. There are certain factors to consider while opting for backlinks.


The relevance of the sites linking to your site. You need to ensure that the links point to relevant websites. If the link is to a site where your competitors have just launched, then you will lose out on traffic. It would be wise to send your link to sites that are well established in the market.


The anchor text used to send the link is important.

The anchor text, known as the HREF attribute, contains information which gets included in the results returned by the search engines when your query is included in the search box. Your backlink should ideally contain the keyword or phrases which your site’s customers would be interested in, since these would determine the rankings of your site in the SERPs.


The type of search engines that you are using for the backlinks is important as well. Website owners are always keen to see that their site is not penalized by the search engines for the reason that a great deal of money is at stake in the process.


If you are looking to boost your traffic in an effective manner, you need to offer relevant information to the clients visiting your site, so that they would be interested in the new site. The site should be visually appealing, containing the necessary elements that will draw their attention. Remember that backlinks can also have an adverse effect on the traffic on your site if they are submitted to less popular search engines.


Bear in mind that the backlinks should be natural and should not be spammed in nature as a part of this tactic. Your link must be back to its original site but it must also be directed towards your targeted site as well.


You need to consider the popularity of the sites that are being linked to your site. You must focus on those sites that are popular on the net and thus have been visited by a greater number of people than your own site. These sites will then be the most suitable backlinks, if you are willing to try and rank for popular keywords, for instance.


You must also avoid submitting your back links to sites which are too similar to your site. While you would be able to have an indirect link to your site, you will surely suffer the consequences in the long run.


The web directories, for instance, have a rule of permitting only single links on their pages; in this case, no multiple links at all. If you are offering a product or service, be sure to use a separate directory for your own site. In addition, instead of submitting your links to the general directories, you should concentrate on finding out what particular directories provide you with the right backlinks.


Finally, you should try and avoid linking to duplicate sites. This way, the number of possible backlinks available to you will increase, making your website more attractive.


When you hire a professional for SEO services, he would provide you with effective guidelines to follow while creating backlinks. It is always important to find out which links will be relevant for your site and what factors should be used to determine how many backlinks you will be required to create for your site.